10 THC Cartridge Usage Tricks All Experts Recommend

One of the most well-liked methods of THC consumption is through vape pens. It is understandable why; they are practical, covert, and often less harmful to the lungs than smoking.

There’s nothing as wrong as getting ready to enjoy a smoking session, sitting down, and then trying to draw from your vape pen and getting nothing. However, it may not be enjoyable when your vape pen stops operating suddenly. This tutorial will take you through some of the most popular vape pen troubleshooting solutions for getting your vape pen batteries running again before you go out and buy a new vape pen. All tips are expert certified! So continue reading to get the most out of your THC cartridge!

10 Amazing THC Cartridge Usage Tips and Tricks

  1. A red blinking light on your pen means it needs recharging.

It’s time to recharge your battery if you’re drawing from your vaporizer and seeing a blinking red light. It’s critical to charge your vape battery at the recommended voltage. You might harm your vape battery if you set it at the wrong voltage! To avoid any unforeseen charging hiccups, utilize the charging connections that come with your vape pen. The most common sort of charger for vape pens is a USB port, which makes it simple to charge virtually any place there is a port.

  1. If there’s white light, check the connection of your pen.

The usual rule is that if your battery is glowing white, it’s not entirely connected. Therefore, your vaporizer won’t be able to fully charge if your battery is loose since it will interrupt the flow of power.

Avoid over- or under-tightening the cartridge’s connection to your vape pen. Fortunately, the solution typically involves only unscrewing your battery and reassembling it. You may try cleaning the connection port on your THC cartridge or vape battery with alcohol and a Q-tip, wait for it to dry, and recharge it if you see debris or oil outside the device.

  1. Trouble inhaling marijuana oil from a THC cartridge

There is probably a likelihood that some cannabis oil has been lodged in the cartridge’s mouthpiece. Cleaning is required in this region. There are a few methods to fix the matter if you inhale on your THC cartridge and experience difficulty getting airflow or a “clogged” feeling.

One technique is to take out the mouthpiece and blow into it while using a napkin on the other side to capture any cannabis oil that has become lodged within. That ought to assist in removing the THC oil that might accumulate after frequent use.

  1. Use hot water to clean the mouthpiece.

If you don’t want to try blowing the cannabis oil out of the mouthpiece, you can also boil some hot water and submerge the voice alone in the boiling water. You may clean it with a toothpick and napkin once the cannabis oil has dropped. If you cannot remove your mouthpiece, you can try cleaning the middle barrel with isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip.

  1. Cannabis Oil Stuck at Cartridge’s Top

The last bit of cannabis oil remains stuck at the top; how do I get to it? To get the oil to flow back down to the other end of the cartridge, turn your cartridge upside down for a couple of hours in a warmer location (but without applying more heat). This procedure could take some time because cannabis oil is thick, but it will do the trick.

  1. Battery Overheating In A Vape Pen

Be careful not to overuse your vape pen as it may start to grow very hot, damage the battery’s components, and burn your oil. Instead, allow the vape pen to cool down between sessions after a few draws.

Electronic equipment is easily susceptible to overheating, which harms internal components and increases the risk of breaking. Additionally, you should keep your vape pen batteries away from direct sunlight and other hot environments. Instead, move your vaporizer to a cool, dry area if it is overheated, so it has time to cool down.

  1. Burnt-tasting THC oil

Check the temperature setting if your vape pen has a temperature option. The oil is often thinner in 510-thread prefilled THC cartridges, and exposure to heat runs the danger of burning the fat or causing the taste from the terpenes to disappear. Therefore, when using it, it is generally recommended to use the lowest setting. As a starting point for using THC oil cartridges for vaping, we advise 2-3.2 volts. If you must progressively raise it, try to keep it below 4v.

  1. Keep Your Cartridge From Being Over Tightened

You will require both a vape pen battery and a THC cartridge for vape pens. It’s crucial to avoid overtightening the cartridge while attaching it to your vape battery because doing so might impede airflow or, worse, break the connection point. Instead, try unscrewing and re-screwing it with a looser grip if you have difficulties receiving ventilation.

  1. The battery in the Vape Pen Won’t Turn On.

When a vape battery stops functioning, you should first make sure to turn it on by pressing the button on the vape battery five times. Then, you are urged to read the next step for the answer if no lights come on.

  1. Swap out the battery.

Each lithium-based battery has a maximum number of recharges before the battery life declines. In the end, vape pen batteries will wear out, which may result in the battery ceasing to function. Replace your vape battery if none of these troubleshooting suggestions for vape pens work.


Since vaping looks to be a little healthier than traditional smoking so far, it’s a terrific method to get your cannabis fix. However, as vaping continues to gain popularity, you’ll need to learn many tips and tricks to ensure that you keep your THC cartridge in the best shape. If you follow these expert-recommended tips, we assure you that you will have the best vaping experience!

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