3 Reasons to Use CBD Oil as an Alternative to Apoquel

If your pet has allergies or is displaying uncomfortable or irritating symptoms, the veterinarian commonly prescribes Apoquel. Apoquel is a medication given to dogs to relieve their itching from pruritus temporarily. Although apoquel is a fantastic way to stop dogs from itching, there are some side effects, too, such as lethargy and vomiting. Due to this, many pet owners are experimenting with apoquel alternatives, such as CBD, a non-intoxicating substance that benefits animals in various ways, helping your pet to relax and reducing anxiety and pain.

Some benefits make CBD oil an ideal alternative to Apoquel; it’s time to take a look.

1.  Promotes Health

Endocannabinoid receptors are present in the peripheral and central nervous systems and form a connection with cannabinoids. The interaction keeps your pet’s body in balance and improves its health. The apoquel alternatives also significantly strengthen your pet’s immune system and promote the body’s ability to recover itself.

CBD oil provides a safe, beneficial, and effective treatment for animal allergies. Research has shown that the therapeutic effects of CBD oil do not result in adverse reactions like those brought on by Apoquel.

2.  It Has a Flexible Dosage

You have to follow a strict administration schedule for Apoquel to function correctly. But, you must know that this medicine helps with allergy symptoms for twelve to twenty hours. After that, you have to administer another dose.

Most of the time, treating dogs with cannabidiol oil requires one dose. It is also more successful because you can administer the dosage depending on your dog’s health issues, such as anxiety and allergies. Here is a quick list of the recommended dosages for various medical conditions:

  • For allergies: 9 to 12 mg
  • For anxiety: 9 mg
  • For arthritis and pain: 9 to 18 mg
  • For Cushing’s disease, seizures, and cancer: 35 to 50mg

3.  It Relieves Other Health Issues Too

The most common application of apoquel is to treat pruritus. Furthermore, it is only provided to your pets to temporarily stop a few allergic reactions. However, the advantages of cannabidiol oil are not limited to treating itching; it provides severe health benefits such as pain relief, digestive issues, etc.

It Helps with Joint Pain

One of the natural ways to help with arthritis pain and inflammation is to use cannabidiol oil. As your pet grows older, he might suffer from body aches and joint pain, or if your dog has pain due to fractures, surgeries, and age, CBD oil can aid in the pain decrease if you use it regularly.

It Decreases Anxiety

Animals can experience anxiety just like people do. Thunderstorms, fireworks, and cars can all significantly increase their anxiousness, and they might even try to leap out of a moving vehicle. CBD helps them to relax by stimulating the natural ability of the body to release serotonin, which is a natural mood stabilizer.

It Helps With Seizures

CBD may lessen the severity and frequency of seizures because of its effects on the endocannabinoid system. In its initial research, the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation discovered that CBD helped 89% of dogs experience fewer seizures on average.


Numerous advantages of using CBD oil instead of apoquel have been listed in this guide. It has no harmful side effects on dogs and can aid with pain relief, inflammation issues, seizure attacks, and anxiety reduction.

However, keep in mind that before giving your dog any new nutrients or drugs, see the veterinarian. They will suggest the appropriate medication and dose for your pets based on their age, weight, and underlying medical concerns.

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