5 Applications To Automate All The Business Functions And Cut Costs

The goal of any business is to operate effectively and efficiently. Efficient means completing the tasks on time while effective means doing the task in the best possible manner. Thanks to technology we have applications that can assist us to achieve goals effectively and efficiently and at the same time help us cut costs.

In this article, we will cover the 5 basic functions that more or less every organization performs-

  1. HR functions- Every firm needs a strategy management department dedicated to human resource management. HR oversees Employee hiring and selection, training and development, Compensation and Benefits plans to make sure the company achieves its goals.
  2. Marketing – Any business operation must include marketing. It helps to increase profits, analyze marketing tactics and consumer attitudes. Insightful business decisions are also made using a variety of marketing data. Businesses in a variety of industries rely on marketing insights to build brand awareness, boost sales, and make wise decisions.
  3. Accounting – Accounting is essential for any business because it makes it easier to keep track of income and expenses, ensures legal compliance, and gives investors, management, and the government access to quantitative financial data that can be used to make decisions.
  4.  Project management and organization – Project management applications are in charge of ensuring that the job is completed effectively and satisfactorily from the beginning to the end of a project.
  5. Inventory management – An inventory management tool helps any organization to attain maximum effectiveness and profitability, firms can achieve the ideal balance between under- and overstocking.

1)    Monday.com – For HR Functions

Depending on your needs, Monday.com can expedite a wide range of data collecting procedures, which is a huge benefit for small enterprises. It’s quick and simple to transfer your data to their system offering 200+ pre-built templates to pick from, and you can even transfer data from pre-existing Excel spreadsheets.

Once everything is set up, you may choose to examine your data in a variety of graphic representations, such as Gantt charts, bar graphs, line graphs, and pie charts. Their current templates for hiring, onboarding, and HR services requests will be very helpful for small organizations, especially those with limited or no dedicated HR support.

It equips you with the following features –

  • Job Application forms- You can make your own job form (You can customize the base template available in order to get all the data you require from potential hires), centralized storage of all the applications (For further analysis, the platform will automatically retain resumes, cover letters, and contact details from prospective candidates.) Control the hiring procedure (With the help of an interactive, no-code recruitment pipeline, you can keep track of all incoming job applications.)
  • Onboarding and Recruitment process- Manage the complete hiring and onboarding process with ease from a single centralized site. Manage the complete onboarding process for all new workers of the firm flawlessly, from the pre-arrival paperwork to introductions.
  • Survey for existing employees – Send staff surveys from a single location, and track responses. Assess engagement levels quickly so you can react quickly to urgent situations.
  • Design recruitment plan- Track open opportunities and quickly gather applications from candidates using a form.
  • Employee lifecycle planning – Recognize major life milestones for workers with a kind surprise that demonstrates your concern for them outside of the typical 9 to 5. This feature helps you to manage the higher package requests and employee wellbeing.

2)      Buffer – For Marketing

Buffer is a versatile piece of software for social media marketing. Drafting and scheduling posts for distribution on several social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, is the main function of Buffer. Buffer also provides social media monitoring and reporting capabilities.

The 3 main functionalities for buffer are:

  • Publishing- Buffer’s main feature is the ability to plan social media postings across many platforms.
  • Analytics- Their suite for social media reporting. You can check the effectiveness of social media posts made by you right here. You can examine each platform separately or get an overall analysis of your social media performance.
  • Engagement- Instagram engagement and tracking solution for businesses by Buffer. It is intended for big businesses to keep an eye on Instagram discussions about their brand and to respond to users who are in need of assistance.

3)      Refrens – Accounting And Finance

Refrens is the best invoice generator since it enables you to create an infinite number of invoices for an infinite number of clients without paying a single money.

You can create a delivery challan, payment receipt, debit note, and credit note with only one click.

You can alter the fields and columns on the invoice at any moment, and you can send it via email, WhatsApp, or by instantly saving it as a PDF and sending that instead.

Some of the outstanding features of this program are-

  • Free Unlimited Invoice
  • Permission control
  • Quick Easy Invoice
  • Customization of Columns
  • Email & Track Invoices
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Custom Formula 
  • Invoice Templates
  • Insightful Reports
  • Client Management

4)      Asana -Project Management And Organization

It’s an advanced organizational tool that helps to streamline projects. Asana is designed to allow businesses of any size to track their progress and resolve problems in one platform, eliminating the need for daily meetings, emails, updates, memos, and notes.

Asana helps employees to stay connected and effective while remote working. In addition, any team across the organization can get together set goals, identify the problems, and fix them in a collaborative manner using this tool.

It helps you to stay laser-focused by providing you with Kanban boards, to-do lists, team and project calendars, excel project management, agile management, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and other task management options.

5)      SOS Inventory- Inventory Management

Small to medium-sized businesses use SOS Inventory in more than fifty different nations.  it assists in managing sales orders, assembly, traceability, numerous locations, and more, at a fraction of the cost of conventional production systems.

Some outstanding features of the software are-

  • Compatibility- It is compatible with many platforms you use for your business, the program interacts with numerous well-known shipping companies, payment processors, and online marketplaces to give you fully automated end-to-end order fulfillment capabilities.
  • Manufacturing: Assembling features, limitless bill of material levels, auto-build capabilities, and more support your manufacturing processes.
  • Track Items- Track an unlimited number of objects using their serial numbers, and quickly access data like cost development and profit-and-loss information.
  • Order management- Easy creation of sales orders, complete or partial invoicing, and full or partial shipping is possible with order management. The invoices connect with QuickBooks Online, guaranteeing precise, current data and preventing double data entering.
  • Data management- SOS Inventory allows mass addition, modification, and deletion of items, clients, suppliers, and other data.


The applications listed above are equipped with the best functions at the cheapest rate. Using these tools you can reduce the chances of human error, increase productivity, do remote work, collaborate with the team, delegate work, control the project, maintain employee morale and at the same time save the valuable funds of your company. It’s time to automate all the labor work and focus on what you are really good at( your business).

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