5 Hottest Robot Costume Trends for 2023

How can it be October already? If you need ideas for what to do for Halloween, check out these robot costumes you can make yourself. This list has ideas for robot costume for kids, robot costumes made out of cardboard, and even robot costumes for women! So, if you’ve ever wanted to be a robot, this is your chance to be Optimus Prime!

Optimus Prime DIY Cardboard Robot Costume

First up is the Optimus Prime costume made out of cardboard. There are many versions of this character, but I wanted to point out two that kids and adults can enjoy.

  • Optimus Prime (G1) Costume by clarkkentdds

Do you want your kid to dress up as Optimus Prime for Halloween? Then you should check out this Optimus Prime costume made from cereal boxes, hot glue, and paint! Visit Instructables to see the full tutorial.

  • Optimus Prime Costume by dannyeurena

Many red and gray duct tape, cardboard, foam board, spray paint, and Velcro were used to make this Optimus Prime costume for an adult. The fact that this costume only costs about $50 is crazy. (Click here to see the list of things to buy.) You can save money using many recycled materials or things you already have around the house.

I think these robot costumes are WAY COOL. Plan to spend the rest of the month making your Optimus Prime costume if you want to include all the details.

DIY Light-up Robot Costume

You can also make a traditional robot costume out of cardboard and add lights. You can even go one step further and program LEDs with Arduino to make a working robot costume that runs on batteries.

Most robot costumes are made to fit the person who wears them. So, your robot costume will be perfect for the kind of robot you want to be. The parts of this robot are dryer vents, bottle caps, cardboard, and paint. I think it would be fun to draw your robot and then make a 3D version of it to wear for Halloween. There are so many options!

DIY Arduino Uno Costume

The Arduino Uno lady is another great tech costume you can make yourself. Yes, you are right. There are robotics costumes for women, and this one is probably the coolest. The costume’s designer put an actual Arduino board in it, so all the I/O work.

That’s pretty cool. This is a cool costume option if you want something high-tech, fun, and useful. On the other hand, if you don’t want to wear the Arduino Uno, you could do what Edgar Park did and make a life-size Arduino Uno board.

The Arduino Grande is a copy of the Arduino Uno that is 6 times bigger than the original. You could go as a crazy scientist and use this thing as a prop. Either way, your robotics costume will be one of the coolest on the block.

Easy DIY Robot Costume for Kids

If cardboard origami isn’t your thing and you don’t want your Halloween costume to be an electronics project, you’ll like this easy robot costume you can make yourself for kids.

You only need a black sweatshirt, sweatpants, and some black felt. First, use a cardboard box, and black felt to make the helmet. Then, use iron-on paper to add some designs. Pipe cleaners can be used as antennae to finish off the robot costume.

DIY WALL-E Robot Costume

Last but not least are the robot costumes for WALL-E and Eve. These outfits look like works of art. WALL-E and Eve were made from things like cardboard, CDs, and newspapers that can be reused. The person who made them, pricanbeauty88, said it took about a month and a half! Now that’s hard work. Here, you can learn more about how to make your own WALL-E and Eve costume.

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