AMC Theaters Offer Great Deals on Movie Tickets

AMC theaters are American movie houses. They are the largest theater chain in the world, founded in 1920 and headquartered in Leawood, Kansas. Along with Regal Entertainment Holdings, Inc., and Cinemark Theatres, AMC owns the biggest percentage of theaters in the United States. They also offer premium video on demand services and private showings. To learn more, visit And, if you’re in the mood for a musical, consider taking a trip to one of the theaters in Kansas City.

Grease is coming back to amc theaters

“Grease” will be re-released this weekend at 135 AMC Theaters. Each ticket will cost $5, and $1 of the price will be donated to breast cancer research. The decision is a tribute to Olivia Newton-John, who tragically died of breast cancer on Aug. 8. The iconic musical has since become an enduring classic, appealing to audiences of all ages. Although the movie has lost its star power, it remains a favorite of many fans and has reached cult status.

It was the first time in 30 years that Grease was played in movie theaters. AMC was inspired to bring the musical back to life. The movie was a hit in the 1970s and was nominated for an Oscar. Since its release, it has gone on to become one of the most popular movies of all time. Grease will be playing in 135 AMC Theaters across the United States. The ticket price for this special screening will be $5, and $1 of the proceeds from each ticket sold will go towards breast cancer research.

AMC has released a special promotional video for the movie. The video features a clip from the movie. It also features quotes from Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta, as well as a few memorable scenes from the movie. “Grease” was a huge hit on the box office, earning a total of $396 million worldwide. The movie is sure to become a classic, and fans shouldn’t miss this chance to see the film in their local theaters.

Olivia Newton-John passed away on Aug. 8, 2017. Sadly, Newton-John died of cancer two years later. She was 73. Olivia Newton-John played Sandy in the movie. The movie is re-released in honor of her memory. During her death, the actors from the film shared touching tributes to her. Aside from the actress, John Travolta played Danny Zuko.

AMC offers premium video on demand service

AMC, one of the largest theatre chains in the U.S., is trying to diversify its business by offering premium video on demand. This new service is likely to become more popular as movie lovers look for alternative ways to watch their movies. AMC has been working with studios to develop an exclusive window for premium video releases, which will allow movies to be purchased online for a fraction of their price. The company plans to price its films at $30 to $40, a price that will likely increase moviegoers’ interest in going to the movies.

The company plans to rollout the service on Oct. 15, making it the first major exhibitor in the country to do so. The company has been working on the project for more than two years, but delayed its launch until now. In the meantime, AMC has been aggressively upgrading its theaters, adding advanced Dolby sound systems, extra wide screens, La-Z-Boy seats, and new locations. In addition, it has expanded its food menu at more than 600 theaters.

AMC Theatres on Demand is available on computer and LG Smart TVs, but is not available on video game consoles or Xbox consoles. AMC Stubs members who have paid for the service can earn points that can be used to redeem special offers at AMC. Members can also earn AMC Stubs points by watching certain movies. AMC will also offer discounts on premium video on demand rentals in select theaters.

AMC has also partnered with major Hollywood studios and will be offering more than two thousand films through its new service. As an added bonus, Stubs members will be able to choose a free selection of three films from each of the major studios for free. The service will be available online and on AMC’s mobile app. AMC Theatres On Demand has a few drawbacks.

AMC has partnered with five major studios to launch the service. Content will be available on the theater’s website, mobile app, Roku and smart TV apps. It will cost between three and six dollars to rent a title and $10 to twenty dollars for a full movie. These prices are comparable to other premium video on demand services in the market. There will also be discounts on tickets and other perks.

It offers private showings

AMC theaters offer private screenings for a limited number of patrons. Usually, the rental fee starts at $99. But you can get a private showing for as little as $149! You can easily book a private showing online. Make sure to book well in advance so that the theater is ready for your group. The price of a private screening depends on the movie and theater location. In most states, the movie will be available for you to choose.

If you would like to get your friends together for a special movie night, AMC Theaters offers private screenings for a small group of 20 people. This is a great option for parties, family reunions, and anniversaries. You will also get food and drinks at no additional cost. You can even control the theater’s PA system. Currently, the theater industry is dealing with a coronavirus pandemic. As a result, AMC Theaters warned last week that its current cash reserves will be depleted by 2020 or early 2021 if the current trend continues.

AMC is a giant movie theater chain. With over 600 theaters across the U.S., it’s easy to find a theater that offers private showings. The price is usually between $99 and $349 for 20 people. The private show costs as little as $99 for the first 20 guests. The prices vary according to the movie you choose, but the new releases can be priced as high as $349.

You can apply online for a private showing at AMC. To apply, fill out a short form, including the movie and theater you’d like to rent. Once you submit it, you will be contacted within three business days. You can also request a screening by contacting the theater directly. There’s a fee for this service, but it’s well worth it for the privacy it offers.

If you’d prefer a more intimate screening, AMC’s Safe & Clean auditoriums are perfect for private screenings. Private showings at AMC begin at $99, plus tax. You can even rent the entire theater if you’d like. Just make sure to have all of your guests present to watch the movie. And remember to have a group ticket stub, otherwise you’ll be unable to enter.

It offers vouchers

AMC Theaters is a world-famous chain of cinemas that offers great deals on movie tickets. Their discounts will help you save money while seeing your favorite film. Some of these coupons include extra-large popcorn or luxury seating. Just be sure to look for a coupon that offers a discount. It’s possible to save even more money by using an AMC Theaters voucher. These discount codes will let you save up to 50% off the cost of your ticket.

In addition to their great discounts, AMC is also offering student pricing daily. Students can show their student ID at the box office and save big on tickets to the latest movies. You’ll get a student discount of at least 20% off the price of a regular movie when you use this voucher. The good news is that these vouchers are non-expiring, so you can use them as often as you want.

AMC Theatres also offers a loyalty program that allows you to get free popcorn on your birthday. In addition, AMC Theatres often offers competitions, contests, and other special deals for its customers. Check the website for the latest special offers and promotions. Don’t forget to look at the terms and conditions of your chosen discount code before you make your purchase. You’ll be happy you did! AMC Theatres offers vouchers for a variety of different products. AMC Theatres’ affiliate links are always useful to make sure you get the best possible price for your tickets.

Another good option for saving money on movie tickets is to join the AMC Stubs Insider loyalty program. This program rewards customers who are genuine movie lovers. Free membership includes cashback bonuses, discounts on specific days, and free popcorn refills. You can also sign up for the program online or at a local AMC. Once you have an account, you can use your AMC Stubs Insider membership to enjoy a discount.

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