Best Apps & Devices To Help You Fight Anxiety

Who says anxiety, stress, and depression can’t be treated? There is a solution for everything; it depends on how we handle it. However, science and advanced technology have remarkably contributed to helping us cope with these challenging mental health issues.

Let’s take an example of certain useful apps and devices for anxiety to prevent it in the first place. After investing plenty of time searching for the best apps and anxiety-calming devices, I have concluded a list of top apps and devices that really works.

These devices provide extra support for days when you feel tired of fighting anxiety.

 Top 8 Apps & Devices for Anxiety

1. MindShift

Many anxiety patients use the Mind Shift app. It includes information about anxiety, situations you need help with, and instructions for handling them. This amazing app provides assistance with thoughts that might not be true or useful, provide relaxation techniques, and more.

All of these techniques are usually the ones which many reputable therapists recommend to their clients who’re suffering from anxiety.

2. The Headspace App

Many people who suffer from anxiety adore this useful app. It is highly demanded for its hg feature, which allows you to set reminders for morning or evening meditations and sends you messages all day to remind you to be attentive.

It also enables you to buy and download additional sessions for certain difficulties you might be experiencing, although doing so comes at a cost for each pack of sessions. To get you started, it includes 10 introductory sessions. Anyone new to meditation, mindfulness, or relaxation will benefit much from this app.

3. The Calm App

Another excellent software in high demand is Calm, which has amazing benefits in healing anxiety patients. A bedtime narrative to listen to while you drift off to sleep, 34 soothing Natural stress sounds and scenes, two series of guided meditations to help you manage stress, and practice meditation are all included in the Basic Version.

You can utilize its premium edition for one week free before having to pay $5 per month to do so. It offers more than 100 guided meditations for particular subjects and sleeps stories to promote restful sleep. Additionally, it gives you access to mindfulness professionals who conduct monthly masterclasses.

4. Breathe

With the help of the app Breath, you may check in with yourself daily to see how you feel, what emotions you’re having, etc. The software then generates recommendations depending on the appearance of your check-in. It might suggest doing yoga, practicing gratitude, or even doing a body scan. It rates your top emotions, the amount of time you spend meditating that week, and the best meditation you use to control these emotions, which is one helpful thing. You might use this to demonstrate to your therapist in between appointments.

5. The SAM App, or Self-help for Anxiety

Think of it as a small toolset for anxious people. There is no sign-in or sign-up process; the app is immediately accessible. It includes a tracker for anxiety, a “social cloud” to help you connect with people, a self-help area with daily exercises or assignments, and any items you like that you can add to your “toolkit” for future reference.

6. Worry Watch – A worth-paying app

Worry watch is an incredible anxiety-tracking device that hardly costs around $2.99. By recording your fears in a notebook, looking back after the worry, and determining whether it was “as bad as you feared it may be,” you can keep track of your cognitive biases (thought traps you frequently fall into).

This is a terrific technique for us to distinguish between sensible and irrational anxieties so that we may begin to “stop” ourselves from becoming overwhelmed by anxiety.

7. The Pacifica App

Through mood tracking, thought tracking, audio lessons, and activities intended to lessen stress, anxiety, and sadness, this anxiety app aids in managing anxiety and depression. They also offer a meditation library and a chat group where you can meet people.

Set your top three objectives for using the app and a theme or location that makes you feel relaxed. The app has a reminder feature that will check in with you throughout the day, and I appreciate how unassuming the app’s icon is. It’s also free!

8. Color Therapy

Lastly, the stress-relieving and worry-distracting adult coloring software color therapy. It has numerous photos to choose from and simple to follow directions as you go. Additionally, you can upgrade to get extra coloring pages. It’s simple to become engrossed in this calming and creative hobby.

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