How to Install Peel and Stick Wall Murals

Whether you’re decorating a bedroom or living room, peel and stick wall murals make the perfect choice for adding a stunning new look to your room. These murals are easy to install and come in a variety of designs. Some of the most popular themes are Field of Flowers, Misty Mountain, and Into the Woods. Here are some tips for achieving the perfect finish.

Into the Blue

This Into the Blue peel and stick wall mural will enhance your walls with stunning blue tones and bold graphics. It can be applied to any smooth flat surface with the help of removable, repositionable adhesive. This high-quality wall covering is also odorless and waterproof. The mural’s stunning look is perfect for any room in your house.

It adds a refreshing touch of azure to the interiors. The varying shades of blue create a watercolour effect and add character to the room. Its elemental blue color creates an ethereal look and goes well with furniture in neutral shades of grey and white. The mural is manufactured using the perfect eco-friendly materials and is fully tested to ensure its quality and longevity. It can be delivered within five to nine working days and is free to ship.

Field of Flowers

The Field of Flowers peel and stick wall murals is a delightful way to decorate your room without committing to the expense of a permanent wall covering. Its pastel meadow colors will add a bright touch to any room. This removable wallpaper is suitable for both modern and traditional interiors and looks lovely in any room.

This mural is made of heavy eco-friendly materials and is printed with Green guard-certified ink. It will be delivered to your home in five to nine days. It features a floral landscape inspired by the West Coast. The lush, calming scene is filled with delicate blooms and is surrounded by a forest haze.

Misty Mountain

A misty mountain landscape is a soothing scene that will add a mysterious ambiance to any room. This mural depicts a green, forested mountainside with a pink haze falling over the scene. The forest is full of lush, green trees and leaves. Installation instructions are included with the mural. For best results, you should apply a top coat before installing.

The Misty Mountain photo wall mural comes in several standard sizes and can be ordered in custom sizes. It’s made of 100% polyester fabric and is PVC-free. It can be removed many times without damaging the wall. This mural is perfect for apartments and rental houses.

Into the Woods

This Into the Woods peel and stick wall Mural is inspired by the forests and mountain tops of the West Coast at peak summer. The mural features a richly detailed foreground and middle ground, capturing the spirit of the forest. The mural is printed on high-quality peel and stick foil with a matte finish that is both waterproof and odorless.

This peel and stick wall mural is an ideal choice for those looking to transform a room quickly. This type of wall mural can be applied to a large area, a small part of a wall, or any other surface. It can even be used on partition walls, furniture, and kitchen islands.


Inspired by the legendary Egyptian Princess, this Peel and Stick Cleopatra wall mural will lend a refined and understated style to your home. It is crafted in the same soft sand tones as her Egyptian palace, and painted with a subtle marbling effect. The display picture is not an exact representation of the mural’s size, but it provides an idea of the overall design and color scheme.

To install the mural, follow the instructions carefully. Keep in mind that walls are not always perfectly straight, so be sure to align the top panel of the mural with the ceiling. You can use painter’s tape to tack the first panel to the wall. You should also leave a couple of inches between the mural and the wall, so that it’s flush with the surface. Once it’s level, you can use a plastic scraper to smooth it onto the wall and remove any bubbles. Make sure that each section overlaps the previous one to keep it from peeling or moving.

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