Iridium Sprinkler For Farming in World of Warcraft

Before you start buying an iridium sprinkler for your garden, you should learn a bit about what this kind of sprinkler is. These sprinklers are useful in a number of ways. They can water up to 24 tiles a day and range from one to four inches. These sprinklers are available at various prices.

Basic iridium sprinkler

You can upgrade your Basic Iridium sprinkler in a number of ways. For example, you can add a pressure nozzle, which automatically water the entire greenhouse. The pressure nozzle will cover every square barre in your greenhouse. You can also purchase additional sprinkler attachments. Each sprinkler attachment can be upgraded with a certain number of Qi Gems, which you can obtain by completing quests on Ginger Island.

Iridium sprinklers are an easy item to make and can water four crops at a time. You can place them on lines and columns to increase the efficiency of your irrigation system. The Iridium sprinklers are great for farming because they will increase the yield of your crops. Moreover, they will help you raise more pigs and kegs.

The basic Iridium sprinkler is only available after you have reached farming level nine. It has a 5-x-5 layout and is easy to plan and place. It should be placed at least four tiles apart from each other. Three or six of these sprinklers can water 72 fields, while six sprinklers can water 144 fields.

Basic iridium sprinklers cannot water pets and garden pots. A good tip is to place the sprinklers on crafted walkways and on tiled soil. This will prevent them from being dislodged by hoe. Once you’ve unlocked the Basic Sprinkler, you can unlock the regular ones. A level two sprinkler can water four tiles each morning, while the level six sprinkler can water eight tiles.

The basic iridium sprinkler costs 10,000 gold, and can only be obtained from Krobus’ shop once you’ve unlocked the Sewers. Iridium ore is rare in the early game, but it can be obtained by mining iridium ore and coal. During this stage, you can also make gold bars from five gold ore and coal.

Iridium Sprinker Upgrades

The Iridium Sprinkler is one of the best sprinklers in the game. It can be crafted at Farming Skill Level 9 or purchased from Krobus every Friday for ten thousand gold. Unlike the Gold Sprinkler and Silver Sprinkler, the Iridium Sprinkler is available only once a week from Krobus.

The Iridium sprinkler is one of the most powerful sprinklers in the game, and can increase crop production exponentially. It can be used to water your crops with water retaining fertilizer. The only downside is that it takes up a lot of your precious time. Fortunately, there are a few upgrades that you can apply to the Iridium Sprinkler.

The Iridium sprinkler has two types of upgrades, the first of which will increase its effectiveness. First, it has a pressure nozzle that can automatically water your entire greenhouse. Second, it can be upgraded to a lightning rod, which automatically waters your crops when they are planted.

The Iridium Sprinkler is the most advanced farming tool in Stardew Valley. Unlike the Watering Can, you can water up to 144 spaces with one sprinkler. Using this sprinkler is the easiest way to water multiple crops at the same time. You can place it either inside or outside your greenhouse.

If you are a level 9 farmer, you can purchase the Iridium Sprinkler for 600 gold. You can also purchase the quality sprinkler from a traveling cart in the woods. The cost is between 1,300 to 2,250 gold and takes eight hours to smelt. However, you must be aware that there is a limit to the number of Iridium sprinklers you can place in your garden.

Watering range

The Iridium Sprinkler is one of the most powerful farming tools in the game. It provides up to 6 times the watering range of a normal Sprinkler, while using the same amount of space, reducing clutter on your farm while increasing your crop profits. It can also be fitted with a Pressure Nozzle, increasing its watering range even further.

The Iridium Sprinkler is the highest quality Sprinkler in the game. It is crafted at Farming Skill Level 9 and can be purchased from Krobus every Friday for 10000G. You can only buy one Iridium Sprinkler each week, so be sure to purchase one before the end of the week.

The Iridium Sprinkler is ideal for watering small areas, such as pet pots, but you cannot use it to water your entire greenhouse. It is used to water crops, landscapes, meadows, and other areas. Unlike some sprinklers, you can also place it in sewers. You can also donate $60 to access sewers in the game, which is where the Iridium Sprinklers are placed.

The Iridium Sprinkler is relatively easy to craft and comes in three different variations. The lower-quality Sprinkler waters 4 adjacent tiles while the higher-quality ones water eight adjacent tiles. The higher quality the Sprinkler is, the wider its area of effect. The highest quality Iridium Sprinkler has a range of twenty-four adjacent tiles.

The Iridium Sprinkler is one of the most powerful farming tools in Stardew Valley. It can water up to 24 tiles in a 5×5 square. However, it is not cheap, so it is necessary to obtain some gold before buying it. The Iridium Sprinkler also requires a battery pack and light rods.


The Cost of Iridium sprinkler is a fairly inexpensive way to protect your crops from flooding. You can purchase the sprinkler from Krobus’ shop in the Sewers for 10,000 gold each. However, obtaining iridium ore is a difficult task, particularly in early-game. Once you have mined enough of it, you can combine it with coal to create iridium bars. You can also make gold bars from five gold ore and coal.

The Iridium sprinkler is one of the most useful farming instruments in Stardew Valley. It has the ability to water 24 square tiles at once and requires some resources to use. You will also need a lighting rod and a battery pack. It is recommended that you farm at least level 9 before using this tool.

The Cost of Iridium sprinkler depends on the level of your farm. If you are a beginner, it will cost you 600 gold to buy one. You can also buy a quality sprinkler from a traveling cart in the woods for 1,300 to 2,250 gold. You can also smelt an Iridium sprinkler for around 4,000 gold, which takes eight hours.

The Iridium Sprinkler can be spawned by using your character name. The code for this is 645. When you use your character’s name, an Iridium Sprinkler will appear in your inventory. It will water 24 adjacent tiles every morning. The Iridium Sprinkler can also be bought from a vendor in the sewer. The vendor is located in the Skull Cavern on floor 150.

You can also upgrade your sprinkler by adding different features to it. You can attach a pressure nozzle and make it spray the entire greenhouse. The Iridium sprinkler can cover up to seven squares of your garden.


A good way to maximize the efficiency of your Iridium sprinkler is to add one or more sprinkler upgrades. These upgrades can be purchased from Qi’s Walnut Room for 20 Qi Points each in bundles of four. You may also be able to find sprinkler upgrades dropped by slimes while you’re working on cave-related Qi quests. One upgrade is the pressure nozzle, which will automatically water your entire greenhouse.

Normally, a fruit tree requires three squares to mature. However, if you want to save more space, you can plant four trees. In a suitable farming area, you can place three iridium sprinklers on the top and bottom of each square. After about 28 days, the tree will be able to blossom fully.

Iridium sprinklers can be placed in areas with a 5×5 grid, but be careful not to put them in areas where pets or garden pots may be found. There are guides online for proper placement, and you can also watch iridium sprinkler setup videos on YouTube to learn more about it.

The best placement for your Iridium sprinklers is near a walkway. This prevents them from being dislodged by hoes. You can also place Pressure Novels on them to increase their range. This requires a special item, which can be purchased from Mr. Qi at Ginger Island.

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