SSM Smart Square Dashboard

The SSM Smart Square is a software tool that allows you to see data and graphs in various formats, including tables, 2-D graphs, and 3-D graphs. This software is used by nearly 40,000 people and more than eleven thousand providers. It uses extensive software tools to make workforce management simpler. As a result, it has become indispensable for field workers. It also lets you access data from any location, making it easy for you to track your workforce.

Benefits of ssm smart square

If you are a healthcare professional, you should consider using the SSM Smart Square scheduling software. It is available to employees of all levels, enabling you to manage their schedules and take advantage of new job opportunities. Likewise, upper management can use it to fill open shifts fast and perform better forecasting analyses. SSM Smart Square allows for both time and money analysis. The tool helps you identify a company’s inefficiencies in both time and money spending.

SSM Smart Square offers best practices for work strategies in the healthcare industry. Its precise tools allow for proficient scheduling of core staff, while also proactively overseeing eventual employees. It is especially useful for nursing departments, as it provides a number of advantages in terms of cost-cutting and quality. Smart Square also enables business owners to allocate their personnel strategically. In addition to its ability to help streamline healthcare administration, SSM Smart Square helps businesses improve accessibility to contingent workers.

Besides facilitating better scheduling, SSM Smart Square also saves time for healthcare managers. This web-based application helps healthcare organizations to schedule shifts 120 days in advance, reducing last-minute staff hunting and maximizing the availability of contingent workers. With the dashboards that it offers, employees can easily see what schedules they are scheduled for, which allows them to make necessary changes or schedules. Smart Square also allows you to access and update schedules from any location.

The SSM Smart Square system provides three web portals. First, you’ll have to login with your SSM Health account. From there, you can access your MyChart account. After logging in, you’ll receive an email with a link to reset your password. Once you confirm the new password, you’ll be directed to your dashboard. The dashboard will also have information about your account’s activities. The system also provides updates and other related stuff.

Login process

Getting started with the SSM Smart Square login process is a simple one. Once you have a reliable internet connection, visit the SSM Smart Square website and enter your login ID and password. Then, you’ll be directed to your dashboard. You can view various activities, updates, schedules, and related stuff. In case you forget your password, you can simply click the forgot password option and get a new one.

The SSM Smart Square login portal has been specially designed for the SSM healthcare organization. This software is provided by Avanta, a company that specializes in providing powerful scheduling solution software to over 50 companies with 5000 employees. While most Avanta customers are in the United States, many are located overseas. This portal streamlines healthcare labor management by simplifying scheduling functionality. In addition to its user-friendly interface, SSM Smart Square integrates with several other systems to improve the productivity of healthcare firms.

Once you’ve received your network ID and password, you can access the Mercy Smart Square Portal to schedule your shifts. Then, you can view your Self-Scheduling paper and other materials. The Smart-square website will guide you through the scheduling process and encourage you to give feedback. You can also use the Mercy Smart-Square login portal to check on the health plan of your chosen organization. If you’re a medical professional or are looking for a job in healthcare, Smart-square is the perfect tool to help you.

SSM Smart-Square login process is simple. The first step is to launch your preferred web browser and type the URL of the Official Smart Square Mercy Login Website. Once you have entered your credentials, click on the Sign In button. Click the button to continue. If you forgot your password, you can try the password reset process. Otherwise, you can call Avantas and get your password. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be directed to Personal Notifications or Self-Scheduling.


If you want to see the data displayed on your Smart Square dashboard more clearly, you can customize it with the help of the States feature. States are layered hierarchies and each one of them has a specific action widget. The Dashboard is one example of a root state, and it defines the main state in the hierarchy. To change the state, you can click on the widget action and change the settings. Then, click on the button titled “Add new widget” to change the widget.

If you don’t want to use the reporting feature, you can choose to view the data in a table format. The data is refreshed daily at 3am local time. Using this feature, you can analyse the data and use the reports to improve your business. For more detailed insights, you can incorporate additional data sources, such as Square’s own mobile app. Once you’ve set up your Dashboards, you can access the data anytime you want.

Using the Reports feature of the Square dashboard, you can compare sales across various periods of time. For instance, you can see which location is performing better than others, and which one is suffering from low sales. You can also compare performance between two locations and identify any issues with employee activity. The Dashboards feature allows you to customize reports based on your business’s specific needs. Moreover, it lets you generate your own custom reports.

Once you’ve set up a dashboard, you can customize its appearance. It allows multiple users to work on it at the same time. The best part is that Dashboards are completely customizable, and you can even customize the layout if needed.

Organize shifts 120 days in advance

Using SSM Smart Square, you can organize shifts 120 days in advance, preventing last-minute employee searches and increasing the accessibility of contingent workers. The application has numerous dashboards for monitoring all functions, from employee availability to cost allocation and productivity. It also allows you to manage employees, including those who are on-call or have irregular schedules. In addition to making the job easier, Smart Square streamlines the administrative processes of a hospital, enabling managers to better allocate personnel and eliminate last-minute staff searches.

To get started, download the Square app and log in. Once you’ve signed up, you can view your in-progress schedule. You can view open shifts and approve or decline them. You can also select whether each request is for an individual or an automatic decline. When you’re done, click the shift block and select cancel. Similarly, you can modify or cancel your shifts.

To organize shifts in advance, you can create a team in Square. You’ll need to assign each member of your team a login and a permission set. Select the team members you’d like to work with. Lastly, make sure to recommend the Team app to your team. This app allows your team members to manage their schedules on the go and request changes anytime. With these features, you can organize shifts 120 days in advance, and get all the information you need in one place.

Managing 39000+ employees

Managing 39000+ employees with Smart Square is not just about scheduling. It’s also about empowering managers to manage their employees’ schedules. With Square, you can schedule employees’ hours based on their availability. In addition, you can also let your employees view their hours, tips, and commissions right from their smartphone. It also integrates with Square payroll, so you’ll always know exactly how much they’ve earned and when they can expect their next paycheck.

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