Torchy’s Tacos Review

Torchy’s Tacos is a fast-casual taco chain with a neighborhood delivery concept. It also offers do-it-yourself kits for fried chicken tacos. Despite its small size, the restaurant is growing rapidly, and the CEO has expressed his intention to expand the brand to other cities by 2023.

Torchy’s Tacos is a fast-casual taco chain

Starting in 2006 as a food truck in Austin, Texas, Torchy’s Tacos has quickly expanded to over fifty locations across the country. The chain is known for its irreverent attitude and creative taco creations. It also offers a full bar in most locations. It recently crossed the 100-unit milestone, and its sales have topped $100 million.

Torchy’s Tacos has taken a proactive approach to responding to new regulations and laws. The company has set up outdoor point-of-sale systems, implemented curbside delivery, and partnered with DoorDash for contactless delivery. Additionally, the company has implemented additional safety measures in their stores.

In an effort to provide its customers with a healthier choice, the chain has teamed up with Beyond Meat to introduce a line of vegan and vegetarian tacos nationwide. The vegan menu includes the MoFaux taco and a vegan version of its Grande Burrito Bowl. Customers can also order the vegan version without cheese, refried beans, or sour cream. By incorporating these options into its menu, Torchy’s is making sure all of its customers are able to enjoy the delicious new vegan option.

Torchy’s Tacos has also become popular in grocery stores. The chain recently sold sauces for its tacos at Whole Foods. The sauces are a fan favorite and retail for $7.99 and $9.99, respectively. The Torchy’s Tacos brand is now available in more than ninety locations across the country.

The fast-casual taco chain has locations in 14 states. Ultimately, the chain is expected to open its hundredth restaurant in 2021. It will be the first Florida location. There are also plans to expand into Connecticut and New Jersey.

It has a neighborhood delivery concept

If you’re craving a fresh and flavorful meal in a hurry, consider ordering Torchy’s tacos for neighborhood delivery. This taco-centric restaurant offers breakfast tacos every day, as well as lunch and dinner specialties. Their tacos are topped with cage-free eggs, smoked beef brisket, cheese, avocado, pico de gallo, and fresh guacamole. Torchy’s is also a devoted charity, donating a portion of their proceeds to Feeding America.

Torchy’s has implemented a neighborhood delivery concept in order to better serve its customers. It also offers click-to-collect options and pre-ordering. This allows customers to provide their information directly to the restaurant, improving customer relationships. Moreover, this new concept allows Torchy’s to cut back on the overhead costs associated with corporate offices. Many of its staff works from home, so the restaurant’s space and staff aren’t as large as their competitors.

Since the business first started as a food trailer in Austin, Texas, it has grown to a regional chain with more than 100 locations in eleven states. The restaurant’s menu is known for its experimental tacos. The company’s fans coined a phrase to describe the tacos: “damn good.” The tacos continue to attract loyal followers.

The newest location of Torchy’s tacos will open in the Southpark Meadows neighborhood of Austin in the fall. The company is handling public relations for the new location, which will be located at 8601 S. Congress Ave. The location is adjacent to a H-E-B grocery store at Slaughter Lane.

The company is taking advantage of new investor funding to expand. Its CEO has stated that the company will expand by 2023. The company is profitable and has high revenue potential. The restaurant has also sold a portion of its equity to new investors, who invested $400 million in the company. The original ownership group, however, will continue reinvesting as individuals.

It has fried chicken tacos

Fried chicken tacos are an easy and delicious meal to make for family and friends. They make a great snack or family dinner. These tacos can be made with any boneless chicken, although some pieces may need to be trimmed to fit the taco. You can also use fish if you prefer. After frying, you can store the tacos in an airtight container and reheat them in the oven until hot.

You can also add your favorite toppings to your fried chicken tacos. Whether you prefer ranch dressing or cabbage slaw, you’ll find something to suit your taste. This dish is also great for people who enjoy breading. This chicken has a crispy exterior and a juicy inside.

It has do-it-yourself kits

Torchy’s Tacos offers a variety of do-it-yourself kits for those who prefer to make their meals at home. For example, you can buy a Family Pack which comes with fully cooked beef, chicken or pork tacos, tortillas, toppings, rice and beans. Each kit provides enough food for four to five people. You can also purchase a Margarita Kit, which comes with tequila, lime wedges and a branded shaker. These kits are only available for pick-up orders with a valid ID. Another option is the Torchy’s Tacos At-Home Kit, which is a great option for families who enjoy tequila.

Torchy’s fried avocado tacos are delicious. These tacos are made with deep-fried avocado and served with a poblano ranch dressing. This dressing provides just the right amount of peppery tang, without overwhelming the avocado’s mild taste.

Torchy’s Tacos is a fast-growing restaurant chain in Austin, Texas, that is making waves in the restaurant business. It melds the flavors of Texas, Mexico and the South to create a unique experience. As of early 2020, the chain had 70 locations and was on a similar trajectory as Shake Shack. In a few years, it plans to open 20 more locations.

Torchy’s also launched a rewards club for customers, allowing people to become Torchy’s Taco Junkies. This program includes free tacos for life, exclusive offers, Tex-Mex swag and more. In addition, members of the club also earn points towards special giveaways.

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