What is the appropriate men’s shoe for every occasion?

Women are known to be passionate about shoes. Just take a peek in their closets and we can easily find options of all styles and for various occasions. On the other hand, this is not usually the strong point of many men out there. 

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You have probably even noticed guys who, time and again, combine Bermuda shorts with men’s shoes or put together productions based on the traditional gym shoes and formal clothes.

At first, these somewhat unusual productions may seem totally harmless. But believe me: most of the time, they make you look unbalanced, even interfering with the way people see you.

Thinking about the shoes you wear every day is so important that there are even studies capable of identifying our personality based on the models on our feet. For this reason, there is nothing better than to delve into the subject and find out which option is the most suitable for the environments you frequent.

Men’s shoes for the workplace

The time when every work environment required its professionals to follow a formal dress code is gone. Nowadays, there are many companies with a young and funky spirit, allowing their employees to work in a comfortable way.

Fine examples of this are agencies and startups, where employees have the right to wear sneakers, sapato masculino, or tennis shoes.

Because of this, the choice of the ideal men’s shoe will depend on both your profession and your position. Even if the office allows casual dress throughout the week, it is important to always have a nice pair of “tidier” shoes, especially if a job interview or business meeting comes up.

Such shoes are made from leather and can be found in different versions in the fashion world. Take a look at the main ones:

  • oxford: it is a very traditional model. It has a rounded beak, laces, and reinforced stitching on the instep;
  • derby: it also has laces. The difference lies in the beak, which can be found in a square design;
  • monk: unlike the others, this model does not have laces, but a leather band that is fastened with the help of one or two metallic buckles.

Men’s shoes for leisure time

A party with the guys or an opportunity to enjoy the beach on the weekend? Yes! Here, the cool thing is to leave aside the more sophisticated footwear and prioritize the practical and comfortable options.

For outdoor programs, invest in sandals or flip-flops. Now, if the proposal requires you to keep your look up to date, consider wearing a pair of closed men’s shoes, the tennis shoe being an excellent choice.

Basically, the model consists of a sneaker with a more formal footprint, easily transitioning between casual and social. It is a practical and affordable way to make your outfit look sophisticated, even if you are having a casual moment with friends.

And you want another one? The sneaker is so versatile that it goes well, even in a club look. But if you think the look is too “formal”, that’s okay! The best thing to do is to combine a stylish sneaker with jeans and a cotton T-shirt. No mistake!

Men’s shoes for travel

Let the first stone throw the guy who doesn’t spend a good part of the year dreaming about vacations. When this period comes, all we want is to loosen our ties, pack our bags, and get to know a new destination.

To avoid discomfort and look good in the photos of the trip, we need to think about the clothes and shoes that will be used. In order not to make a mistake, the ideal is to carefully analyze the region you are going to visit. 

For example: if you are thinking of traveling to a city with low temperatures, the best solution is to choose a good and comfortable leather boot to be your companion in the adventure.

Men’s shoes for sports

Running in the park, hiking, biking, playing tennis, or working out: all these activities are more hectic. So they call for shoes with good cushioning, like sports shoes.

In general, these shoes are developed from different technologies, responsible for making the sole firm and the insole comfortable to absorb the impacts well. By opting for these models, you will not only be able to put together a look that suits the occasion, but you will also find it easier to protect your feet and avoid a number of muscle and back injuries.

Wear sneakers, sneakers or moccasins to perform these practices? No way! Reserve these models for the social options, preferring the specific versions for the type of sport you intend to do. Your body will thank you!

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