What You Need to Know About the BNX KN95 Mask

Masks remain an important part of the fight against COVID-19 and its variants. You will often find yourself reaching for one, especially if you work in high-risk areas and high-traffic public spaces. 

Whereas wearing any type of mask is better than none, the KN95 mask provides better protection. It is one of the CDC-recommended masks, alongside the N95 respirator. Properly fitting the KN95 grants you the highest level of protection. 

Buying your KN95 respirator from a reputable manufacturer like BNX gets you a protective mask. Here is a review of the BNX KN95 mask to help you understand it better. 

#1: Made in the U.S. 

The KN95 masks are normally created abiding by Chinese regulations. That is why you will notice that these masks do not require approval from certifying bodies like NIOSH. 

Understandably, some people would have doubts about masks made outside the watchful eyes of bodies like the CDC. BNX tackles these concerns by ensuring that its KN95 masks are made in the U.S. The NIOSH-registered company, with reference number 3017489417, guarantees that its masks are of top quality and deliver the required level of protection. 

It is worth noting that BNX manufactures the mask in the U.S. from globally-sourced components. That way, it promotes the local economy while simultaneously participating in the global economy. 

#2: Filtration technology

The BNX KN95 mask has filtration technology that delivers maximum protection, breathability, and comfort. It has an active filter layer made out of melt-blown polypropylene. 

The filtration technology ensures that no unwanted airborne particles can pass through it. Additionally, being comfortable in the mask means you are less likely to remove it. For a mask to keep you safe, you must wear it in high-risk areas. However, some people occasionally remove theirs after finding it difficult to breathe. BNX ensures this does not happen by making its masks highly breathable. 

#3: Adjustable nose piece and flat ear loop

The world population is almost 8 billion, and different people have nose sizes and shapes of all types. BNX makes it easy to use its KN95 mask by setting an adjustable nose that anyone can move around according to their requirements. The nose piece reinforces fitting to keep off airborne particles.

The mask is also a standard fit for most faces. Its flat ear loop makes it easy to store before use.

Following the recommended guidelines and instructions when wearing a mask is important for maximum protection. 

Where to buy BNX KN95 mask

You can buy the BNX KN95 mask from Amazon and BNX official website. The masks listed on these platforms meet the basic guidelines that CDC provided for buying a respirator:

  • The mask must not be damaged in any way
  • The packaging should not have false claims of NIOSH-approved masks or include the FDA logo
  • The price per piece must be under a reasonable price range of $3

Using the BNX KN95 mask gives you peace of mind since you have a genuine product that delivers maximum protection.

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