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When it comes to planning a vacation to some of the best family beach vacation spots in Africa, it’s often tempting to go the DIY route. That’s so because this approach seems less expensive (upfront). But in the long run (entire vacation process), it often makes a lot of sense to use the best luxury travel expert, such as ALS Concierge Voyage, for this trip. Why? One of the many reasons to hire a reliable concierge service provider is because you’ll gain a customized travel experience.

As you read on, you’ll better understand the benefits of opting for ALS vacations to your destination in Africa. So, read further!

Top 5 reasons to use luxury travel expert today

1. Expertise matter

As the name suggests, hiring a luxury travel expert for your trip to the best beach spots in Africa means the agency will be responsible for the whole trip.

No doubt, it often seems pretty easy to book a flight reservation when traveling to your tourist destination in Africa. But is that the only thing you need to enjoy the best travel experience? Of course not; you need to also consider your hotel needs, restaurant, safety, payment for various services, language barriers, and many more. Are you sure you’ll be able to handle all these things once you get to your destination? Here’s where the need to consider hiring a reliable travel concierge services provider, such as ALS, comes into the scene.

ALS Concierge Voyage has many years of experience in organizing luxury vacations to some of the best places in Africa. It understands exactly what to put in place to deliver you a top-notch travel experience.

2. Best pricing for different services

Here’s a quick question; how do you understand whether or not you’re being charged appropriately for the different services you’ll enjoy on your trip to Africa? Since you’re new to these locations, you might be paying way too much for certain basic services, such as hotels, restaurants, and transportation.

With the best luxury travel expert, such as ALS, you need not worry about getting extorted because of what you don’t know. ALS Concierge Voyage will assign you a couple of native travel experts, who will ensure you get the best pricing for the various services you enjoy during your trip. Yes, you don’t have to be afraid of getting dynamic pricing. ALS will connect you with the best hotels and restaurants to gain discounted prices.

3. Comprehensive travel road map

Opting for a DIY travel vacation to the best places in Africa means you need to understand a lot of things about your tourist destination. For instance, you need to understand the different travel routes and additional destinations to visit once you get to Africa.

With the right luxury travel expert, you don’t need to worry unnecessarily about how to get to your exact tourist destinations or how to tour the different places in the location. That’s so because ALS Concierge Voyage has you covered. With this travel agency, you’ll get well-designed and customized itineraries, based on your exact travel needs.

4. Remote destinations

Surely, you understand the stress that comes with visiting remote places in Africa and other parts of the world. If you fail to plan the trip the right way, you’ll most certainly encounter some challenges, such as language barriers and safety. With the right luxury travel expert, you don’t need to worry about these issues.
ALS Concierge will assign you native travel experts that understand everything about your travel destinations. These experts will make sure you only follow the safest routes while on your trip to remote places. They’ll also help you when you’re faced with a language barrier by translating the languages of the villagers to your preferred language. Overall, you’ll achieve the best travel experience by opting for ALS vacations.

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